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Post by rtemple on Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:30 pm

This is a family friendly organization, though adult behavior is not prohibited, we do ask that you use discretion when interacting with anyone on the forums.

1) No overly derogatory or offensive behaviors - Jokes and light-hearted aware humor is one thing. But being blantantly racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, or expressing hate towards any group of individuals, or single individual representing a group or collective, will not be tolerated.

2) No trolling - Any attempt to incite argument and anger, to start a flamewar, flooding, spamming, or generally obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Have fun with each other, just don't drive each other to madness.

3) Communication is key - If you have issues with any single member, moderator, or admin, please use critical thinking and try to resolve the issue without resorting to unnecessary actions. Some recommended resolutions:

*Private message individual you are having an issue with and attempt to rectify any problems in a responsible and mature, level-headed manner
*Private message a mod, or admin, and let them know what is going on
*If possible, ignore the issue so as not to fan the flames any worse than they are

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