The Zaharia Organization Rules & Policies

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The Zaharia Organization Rules & Policies

Post by rtemple on Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:22 pm

The ZO is a Trade & Transport company based in the Star Citizen universe. It's basic mode of operation rests with cargo and personnel transport. It also functions as a trade crew, scouting out resources and hunting down lost or hidden items.

We are a family oriented business, and cater to various clientele and contracts.

As a professional small-business company, we share in the responsibility to complete contracts, retrieve, send out, and ship goods and people. This requires a set of ethics and principles by which we gauge our activities and behaviors.

Our Statement of Purpose

A: Provide a transport service, for shipment of goods and entities.

B: Provide light security for said transport.

C: Trading in goods for profit and revenue

D: Encouraging small business growth and development

E: Provide an ethical and healthy niche in the competitive market place

All members of the ZO will abide by these rules

1: Absolute respect
2: Open-mindedness
3: Cooperative Intent

The Zaharia Organization Manifesto (Taken from Frank Lloyd Wright)

1. An honest ego in a healthy body.

2. An eye to see nature.

3. A heart to feel nature.

4. Courage to follow nature.

5. The sense of proportion (humor).

6. Appreciation of work as idea and idea as work.

7. Fertility of imagination.

8. Capacity for faith and rebellion.

9. Disregard for commonplace (inorganic) elegance.

10. Instinctive cooperation.

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